Jackson List: James B. Donovan, Before the “Bridge of Spies”

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3 thoughts on “Jackson List: James B. Donovan, Before the “Bridge of Spies”

  1. Mary ellen Donovan Fuller

    Hello Professor Barrett,
    I am James Donovan’s daughter. You have given our family a remarkable gift.
    We are so proud of the movie that has come out “Bridge of Spies” and I am so grateful that my father has come out of history’s shadows. Your detailed and compelling subtext / biography details on his life is so rewarding to us. This is the year that is the 70th anniversary of Nuremberg and this whole year must mark it well- for the current and future generations to learn from….You are doing a wonderful job with your work. I have seen the movie 11 times to make this all so real to me. I do hope you encourage your students to go as well- for a round table discussion? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Regards, Mary Ellen Donovan Fuller

  2. Cathleen Morris

    I am a life-long history addict/buff and I, for one, am grateful to you for illuminating so so succinctly and clearly the many facets of this amazing story, Professor Jarret! Thank you, too, for honoring James Donovan and the often forgotten reality of how much one person of integrity can change the course of history. Although James Donovan would probably be the first to demur and say something along the lines of, “I was simply one man in the team that worked to make justice happen at Nuremberg …” it is also true that his career and personal integrity seems rare in terms of much of our current political climate and will be a refreshing reminder of the virtues he brought to bear. His daughter’s email to you, thanking you for your blog synopsis are correct. For those of us who were not there, in the moment, historians like you offer a great gift in accurately recounting the truth. Many thanks; I look forward to future posts from you.
    Sincerely, Cathleen Morris


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