Study *Actual* Nazi “Medical Tyranny”

Numerous schools, like the one where I teach, require teachers and students to wear masks to prevent COVID transmission.  Well done—it’s a minimal hassle, it’s based in scientific knowledge, and it works.

But not all know or accept this.  Some people oppose school mask mandates.  Some of them are, I’ve read, protesting, sometimes very disruptively, at their local school board meetings.

And here it comes (the Nazi reference):  In New Hampshire, a founder of a group that opposes any COVID-related restriction recently cited Nazi war crimes as an example of what he called the dangers of “medical tyranny.”

I assume that this man was referring to the U.S. prosecution in Nuremberg following World War II of Nazi doctors.

Their crimes were horrific acts of bodily torture and killing.

It is absurd to draw any analogy between that conduct and the policies and the gentle measures that officials are employing today to protect us from COVID.

To learn about Nazi medical crimes, as prosecuted at the Nuremberg “Doctors Trial,” read here:


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