Is Hillary Clinton the U.S. President-Elect?

On this Saturday morning, three days since Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential election:

  • Clinton has a counted vote lead in the nationwide popular vote of about 400,000. That does not matter because, of course, we choose presidents by electors.
  • Each State determines its electors, however, based on the popular vote in the State.
  • Based on current popular vote totals translated into electors, Donald Trump has 290 electoral votes—20 more than the total needed to become president—and Clinton has 228.
  • Two States, Michigan (16 electoral votes) and New Hampshire (4 electoral votes), have not been decided—those vote counts are ongoing.

So how close to completed, or not, are the popular vote counts in States, and especially in the States that are apparently very close and definitely are/will be decisive?

For example, in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), awarded to Trump by the media and color-coded maps we’ve all seen, Trump leads by about 69,000 votes out of about 5.8 million cast.  Have all Pennsylvania votes in fact been counted?  If not, will they be?  If so (and if when), is the margin so close that we—Clinton, yes, and also Trump, and also all of the people in the United States—have an interest to recount, to be sure we know who the voters chose?

And also Wisconsin.  Its 10 electoral votes also have been awarded to Trump.  The reported vote margin in Wisconsin is about 27,000 votes, out of more than 2.8 million votes counted.  Have all the Wisconsin votes been counted?  And is the race so close that they should be recounted?

If a majority of voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, she is President-elect, even if New Hampshire voters chose Trump.  Or she should be.

Shouldn’t we figure that out?

Why aren’t people asking these questions?

6 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton the U.S. President-Elect?

  1. Paula Clarity

    No one is asking because they are the same apathetic people who failed to vote in the first place. Only 25% of the population voted fro Trump and he is our President-elect? We need to make voting a priority in the next election.

    1. Lynn

      I agree. Sad. We are not the greatest country on earth if 50 percent of the eligible voters do not exercise their right, especially those whose ancestors fought and died for that right..

  2. linda

    I am glad to see someone else asking these questions. I sure hope the campaign is.
    For example
    According to NBC’s information, with Trump on a margin of only 27k votes, 5% of votes still have not been counted. That’s around 140,000 votes.
    Even if those break for Trump rather than Clinton, the margin will be <1%. And if they break for Clinton rather than Trump, that's another 10 EV's for her.

  3. Joe

    How many votes were not cast as a result of the many, many voter suppression tactics employed? Would this have turned around the results in these states? I’m sure it would have in NC.

  4. Darcey

    The rules for elections needs changed. In that, we have seen many times that the House and Senate run the country depending on which side D or R. Hypothetically, what would happen if the person that wins the most votes (not Electoral) becomes President and the next with most votes becomes Vice? Wouldn’t we, as a country, thrive?

  5. Carol Singleton

    It is tragic that the people who voted for Trump are putting the lies he told about a better economy before morality, integrity and love for our fellow Americans. Trump has already started a war in America. We can’t let him take over this country. Nothing can be Politically correct if its morally wrong.


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